a la carte

A la carte

Tasting menu 12.990

Wine pairing  + 3.900

Caviar flight for two persons 36.000

Vegetarian tasting menu  4.850

Fish tasting menu  5.850

Set menu ordering until 21h



 *Tartar rouge 990

 (roasted beetroot and berries with tamari soy sauce dressing, hawthorn and horseradish)

 *Lion's mane ala foie gras 990

 (terrine/spread of lion's mane mushroom and corn with rose hip culi)

 *Cream pea soup and smoked millet tabbouleh salad 990


 *Romesco vegetables 1,990

 (creamy red bel pepper and almond dip with falafel, roasted onions, beans, cherry tomatoes, parsley and Dijon mustard dressing)

 *Cauliflower steak with fermented peanuts 1,990

 (roasted cauliflower flavored with mountain dry spices, carrot and coffee puree, miso paste and peanuts sauce, endive salad)



 *Blue fin tuna 2,200

 (raw thin steaks from "akami" part, with crispy fennel, lemon gel, horseradish and roasted garlic)

 *Shrimp tartare 1,590 per pc.

 (with cherry tomato vinegar and hazelnut oil)

 *Octopus  2,390

 (in olive oil on arugula pesto and roasted chicken cream)

 *Prawn bisque 990

 (prawns in creamy prawn soup)


 *Shrimp pasta  2.650

 (homemade tagliatelle with shrimp and lemon sauce)

 * Bouillabaisse  4,900

( Grilled fillets of three types of fish on cream of fennel and greens, saffron aioli with crispy brioche and thick fish soup)

 *Dover Sole filet in orange beurre blanc sauce  3,900

 (With creamy parsley and glazed endive)

 * First category fish per kg 8,990


Free range MEAT

 *Posh egg 990

 (soft-boiled egg on stewed spinach with black truffles and "subiz" roasted onion sauce)

 *Foie gras  1,700

 **Beef tartar 2,390

 (finely chopped beef fillet with thirteen spices)

 *Rabitt 1.150

 (rabbit and pork meat with truffles and seasonal mushroom espuma)


 *Chicken with truffles in kevedinka sauce 2,900

 (chicken fillet stuffed with drumstick meat and truffle stuffing, baked with skin cracklings with celery puree and "kevedinka" sauce, macerated white wine)

 * Veal 3,850

 (sweet bread, pauflek nad fillet combined with potato salad and royal sauce)

 *Lamb 3,900

 (roasted lamb belly and lamb chop, cumin and coriander sauce, pave potatoes)

 * Mangulica  ala perkelt 2,900

 (Cheeks confit in red wine souse with mustard, and smoked onion puree)

 * Beef steak 3,950

 (beef fillet glazed with savory sauce, parsley foam and beef tail in red wine)

 * Duck fillet 3.850

 (duck fillet, granny smith apple jam and citrus sauce)



 *Selection of domestic cheeses... 1,200

 (Blue Kosmaj cheese from cow's and goat's milk, Goat's cheese in chestnut leaf "banon", Gostiljski cow's cheese, Pirot's cow and sheep's milk cheese)



 *Black sesame, and coffee is also black 585

 (black sesame paired with yogurt, coffee and lemon cream)

 *Sunflower milk ice cream 575

 (pear compote white Madagascar vanilla, white chocolate cream and muscovado sugar crumble)

 *Chestnut cake with confit orange 690

 (white chocolate with honey and orange, dark chocolate sorbet)

 *Raw GiG 645

 (dried fruits and carob bars, dark chocolate and cherry sorbet)

 *Fruit salad 650

 (granny smith apple sorbet and fresh fruit)

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